Water Softening & Treatment

Water Treatment

Solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural & Domestic Applications

We at Glenngorey Pumps have a vast knowledge and understanding of water and its quality. We work with experts in water testing and analysis so that we can determine the accurate water treatment system you require for your family household needs.

Our systems are tried and tested and cover a wide range from domestic to industrial uses. We are one of the leaders on the provision of Reverse Osmosis systems, HydroCare Three systems and Sterilight Ultra Violet steralizer systems.

Industrial Water Treatment Installation

Do you have any of these problems? If so then talk to us today...

  • Hardness of water/Lime scale
  • High Iron & Manganese problems
  • Sulphur H2S (rotten egg smell)
  • pH problems
  • Types of Bacteria (Coliforms)
  • Colour & Turbidity (cloudy water)